Materials When & Where You Need It

At Limeberry Lumber & Home Center, we understand how important timely, accurate delivery is to your business. We have a large fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure you get materials when and where you need them.

Unlike other companies that pass off orders to third-party companies, all of our deliveries are completed by our team of drivers. We believe it’s important to run our own fleet because no one cares more about your building materials arriving on time and in pristine condition than we do.

Fleet of Delivery Options

More than just a truck

  • Custom-built loads based on expected product use
  • Specific on-site placement
  • Additional delivery support: truck-mounted forklifts, boom trucks and box trucks

Safe Deliveries

Before your materials are delivered, drivers double-check loads to make sure they are correct and properly secured. We require pre and post-trip logs, ensuring that the vehicle is working correctly and your load will arrive safely.

Serving Our Community Since 1959